1. What is the difference between recreational and travel teams?

We offer opportunities for 2 different levels of competition to best match each players abilities and level of commitment.  Our recreational teams are ideal for beginner players, players who want to play another winter sport, or those who want to play in a more relaxed environment.  Our travel teams are best suited for those players who want a higher level of competition, are willing to travel greater distances for games, and want to devote more time improving their basketball skills.

  1.  How do you decide which kids are on the travel teams?

We offer 1-2 tryouts for those who want to commit to the travel teams.  We utilize multiple, non-biased, objective administrators and coaches to evaluate each player.  The top 10 players make the travel team.  Every player is notified of the tryout results.

  1.  At what age do you start to offer travel teams?

We usually have travel teams offered at the 3rd through 8th grade levels for the boys, 5th through 8th grade levels for the girls.

  1. Is this where/how I register to play Middle School Basketball?

No, that is a separate registration offered by Saucon Valley Middle School.

  1.  Can I request a certain team or coach?

There is an area on your registration form for comments.  You are welcome to put in any requests in this field.  We will do our best to accommodate each request but please keep in mind that our highest priority is always to do what is best for the league as a whole.

  1. How can I help?

We appreciate as much help and involvement as we can get.  There is an area on your registration form that asks if you would like to volunteer in any capacity.  If you do not see the exact role you are interested in you can also add that info to your  comment area.

  1. When does the season start?  How long does it last?

Our registration usually runs from early September to early October.   Our try-outs are usually scheduled for the end of October.  Practices start the first week of November.  Games run from early December through February.  Our post season banquet for all teams is usually held in early March.

  1.  What does my registration money pay for?

We use the money collected through registration to pay for referees, insurance, storage facilities, equipment, uniforms, league entry fees and the end of the season banquet.  We do our best to keep our costs as low as possible and comparable to other leagues and youth sports organizations in our area.  

  1. When are practices?

Each team usually practices 2x/week.  Practices are generally scheduled to BEGIN anywhere from 6-7:45pm.  The younger age groups usually practice in the earlier slots.

  1. When are the games?

Recreational (3-6 grades) and Minors (1-2 grades) play almost exclusively on the weekends. primarily Saturdays.  Travel teams can play anytime during the week or weekend?

  1. What if my child is already committed to another activity/sport?

Our coaches are flexible and understand that the majority of kids have other interests.  If your child is committed to another activity that will not allow him/her to attend practices or games regularly, travel teams might not be the best option.   Each situation is usually ironed out between the coach and the parent easily.

  1. Can I request a certain night/nights of practice to avoid other conflict?

At the Minors (1st/2nd grade), yes.  We will do our best to accommodate requests while keeping the teams balanced.  Beyond that level, these type of requests are not usually able to be accommodated.  While we try to keep practice nights consistent during season, some changes are unavoidable.

  1. What if my child has never played before?

This is the perfect time to start!  We offer recreational levels for grades 1-6 boys and girls, which are a perfect way to learn the game.

  1. Do you have any type of Scholarship program?

We offer financial assistance to families in need.  We take each request on a case-by-case basis.  If you would like to request assistance, please contact Teather Royse at teather.royse@rcn.com.