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Come Coach for Us...You Won't Regret It


Coaching for SVYB

I remember when my son played his first season of tee ball, I sat beyond the foul line and watched as his coaches did their best to teach the game. I could tell in their interactions how much they enjoyed what they were doing and I got the sense they enjoyed being out on that field almost as much as the kids did. It was in those moments that I decided I wasn't going to site on the sidelines anymore.

The following winter, I stepped forward and volunteered to coach my kids minors (1st and 2nd grade) basketball team here at SVYB and I loved every minute of it. I had never coached before that and I was learning as much as my team was.  In the five years that followed, coaching 12 different basketball, baseball and soccer teams, not once have I regretted it, even when one of my teams finished with only two wins.

So I urge anyone that thinks they may want to coach, whether their kid is in their first or fifth season, to come join us and help teach these kids to love this game.

Coaching Clearances

Per Pennsylvania state law all coaches must have their clearances. If you've had them done through your job, other sports or volunteer activity, great, all we need are copies of the paperwork.

If you have note previously gone through clearances, this is what we need.

  1. Criminal History Clearance from the PA State Police
    To obtain this, go to the link below and click on the yellow "New Record Check" button for volunteers to begin the process. There is no charge for this:
  2. Child Abuse History Clearance from the Dept. of Human Services
    To obtain this, go to the link below and click on the "Create Individual Account" to begin the process. There is no charge for this:
  3. FBI fingerprint check
    If you have lived in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for less than 10 years, you need to have a fingerprint background check performed. To do that, please visit this site, there is a fee for this:
    If you have lived in Pennsylvania for 10 years or more, you need to simply sign this form and return it to us: Background Check Signature Form